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Well!  I’m now finished with editing my anthology, Love You to Pieces.  The book will go into production soon, but it won’t be officially published until June of 2008.  Working with Beacon has been, so far, a very positive experience.  They took my suggestion for cover art (a photo by Angela Buckland, who is herself the mother of a child with special needs) seriously.  Happily, a photo from Buckland’s “Where’s Nikki?” installation will grace the front of my book.  Also, Beacon was cool about the word count.  Although I tried to comply with my contract, the manuscript wound up being several thousand words over the stipulated word count.  I expected them to ask me to cut, but they didn’t.  

The downside of the process was that reprint rights turned out to be far more expensive than I’d imagined.  What seemed like a generous advance when I signed the contract has now dwindled to nearly nothing.  But this is a labor of love; I never expected to get rich from an anthology.

In other book news, my agent is going to start marketing foreign rights to my novel.  A scout for a French publisher is taking a look.  Very exciting!!!

2 thoughts on “Book News

  1. How I wish I had known of this book when you were putting it together; it would have been a pearl on my shelf to have been included.

    Having said that, well I’m just happy that it was over the wordcount! Hooray for you, for putting that many voices together!

    And I shall be waiting in line to buy it. I am very happy about its publication.

    I think Mary Oliver is published by Beacon? I don’t know why that might matter but if it were me, I would take that as a very good sign.

    And I can’t wait to read the novel (which is big news for me, I seem to be mired in the love of nonfiction.) You alone lure me…and also A THOUSAND SPLENDID SONS. Two, of thousands…

    Congratulations and godspeed on the publishing process, I can’t wait to begin reading!!!

  2. I’m sorry, Jennifer. I would have loved to included your writing in this book. I put an ad in Poets & Writers about five years ago, but I don’t think your twins were born yet then.

    Maybe I’ll have enough frequent flyer miles by next summer and we can do a reading together in Montana.

    And yes, I’m very proud to have the same publisher as Mary Oliver. And deeply honored to be mentioned in the same breth as Khaled Hosseini (sp?).

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