Pink Garbage Bags

As of September 1, we now have to sort our garbage into clear color-coded garbage bags.  Pink is for burnables, yellow for aluminum cans (not sure about the steel), and blue is for plastic.  The garbage guidelines advise cutting open milk cartons and drying them on a clothesline.  Also, we now have to write our names on the garbage bags.  I wonder what happens if garbage is improperly sorted.  I suppose it’ll come back to our doorstep.


2 thoughts on “Pink Garbage Bags

  1. That sounds the same as in Shizuoka. In regards to the steel cans, you need to recycle them seperately to the normal aluminium cans! It does get quite complicated! I actually do believe that if the rubbish is not sorted properly, they can refuse to pick up your rubbish!

  2. Yikes, you’ve just reminded me I need to take a surreptitious walk out to the communal garbage site to see if our bags are still there with a ‘refused pick-up’ sticker on them. Have been clearing out the cupboards and put plastic wrappers and papers in the regular bags (which they shouldn’t really go in). Good to go now under the cover of darkness… 😉

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