Homegirl is always wanting to do things by herself these days  (except in the morning, when she’s supposed to change her clothes for school).  Oftentimes, when I’ve been upstairs obsessively checking email or my Amazon rankings, I’ll go down to find she’s pulled a chair up to the ‘fridge and gotten herself a glass of milk, with mixed results. Thanks to recent bathroom rennovations at the deaf school, she can now do her business all by herself.   And she’s even able to write her daily diary pretty much on her own, though she sometimes asks how to write something, and she makes grammatical mistakes.  But better her mistakes than mine, right?  In the past, when her teacher was correcting her diary, I’d apologize for the errors, because they were mine.

One thing Lilia thinks she can do but can’t is answer the phone.  When she hears it ring, or sees it light up, she rushes over and fights for the receiver.  Until we get a video phone, or until she can actually speak, that job is best left to me. 


3 thoughts on “DIY

  1. I love Lilia’s constant get-up-and-go attitude! And (referring to an earlier post) I think you will have a wonderful time together in Paris!

  2. Sue! That’s wonderful! It must make you so proud to see her trying to do so much.The other day I saw a 12 pack of tissue that I just bought slowly making its way across the floor and realized that my little Cade was carrying it, but I could barely see him behind it. It made me laugh.

    Beautiful little people.

    E-mail me with your latest news!


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