Bonjour Paris!

During spring vacation, my daughter and I went to Paris! It was my fifth trip to France, counting my semester abroad when I was nineteen, but it was the first visit for my daughter. It was fun to see everything through new eyes. It was also our first major mother-daughter trip apart from visiting grandparents in the States.

Lilia wanted to stay near the Eiffel Tower, so I booked us a room in an apartment hotel within walking distance.


She’s holding a copy of Eye-Ai Magazine, which includes an essay by me about another trip we took together. The June 2013 issue has a story about yet another trip – this one to see a musical based on the famous, best-selling girls’ manga The Rose of Versailles.

Later we took a taxi to the Louvre. The entrance is through the Pyramid designed by I.M. Pei, so you get to experience the very old and the extremely modern at the same time. Apparently the Pyramid is now lit up with LED lights from Japan. We were there during the day, however (along with many, many Japanese tourists). There were lots of signs around warning against pickpockets. I felt pretty safe among the Japanese tourists, but the week after we left, the Louvre was closed down because the guards went on strike to protest the pickpocket problem. Supposedly there are bands of Gypsy children running around filching tourists’ wallets.

IMG_2340Lilia took photos of just about everything she saw, including many beautiful ceilings.



I enjoyed the ripped torsos of ancient Greece.

IMG_2257We couldn’t immediately find a taxi after our visit to the Louvre and the nearby Orangerie, so we wound up taking a spin in a tuktuk. The driver had no problem loading the wheelchair into the back and driving us to our hotel in the crazy Parisian traffic. He was super-friendly, and posed for Lilia at the end of our ride.




3 thoughts on “Bonjour Paris!

  1. We have some tuk-tuks like that in Egypt. Your pics are wonderful, especially the ones your daughter took. Congrats on being the Grand Prize winner in the Paris Book Festival competition! Wow!
    ~ Lexa
    (Laura Chesterson from YALItChat)

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