My New Book is Now Available for Pre-order!


 A  little bit of happy news…

My short story collection, The Beautiful One Has Come is now available for pre-order. You can reserve your copy here.

Early reviews:

The Beautiful One Has Come poignantly shows the pains and the pleasures of living in a culture that is not your own.  Kamata also illuminates the modern struggles of everyday people, showing us that perhaps foreigners are not the only ones searching for belonging in this traditional society.  An insightful exploration of what it means to straddle two worlds, of embracing the old ways while being open to new. — Margaret Dilloway, Author of How to be an American Housewife

Kamata’s stories reverberate like a Japanese Noh opera: They portray the “agony of love” in all its forms, acted out by sympathetic characters in various stages of external flight and internal change. The stories are artfully plotted, and tiny details–spots on photos, bean-filled cakes, sewing stitches, insects–take on the heavier weight of symbolism under her observant, empathic eye. Kamata will make you look at the world, and the culture you take for granted, in enhanced and profound ways.–Tara L. Masih, Author of Where the Dog Star Never Glows
With evocative grace, and the authority of real experience, the Kamata takes us on a tour through a garden of lives which touch Japan. Each story wanders as delicately as a small stream, with jewel-like descriptions and plot points waiting to be discovered around every corner.-Rebecca Otowa, Author of At Home in Japan: A Foreign Woman’s Journey of Discovery


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