Update on the National High School Baseball Tournament

In case you were wondering, the tournament at Koshien will be held as planned. Today the team from Tohoku departed by bus for Western Japan.

3 thoughts on “Update on the National High School Baseball Tournament

  1. I happened to watch a short piece on this team a couple of days ago. It showed a video of the team members frightened and trying to stay standing during the original earthquake. Then footage of them helping others during the days following. As a team, they were volunteering – doing things like carrying heavy water containers for elderly people or mothers with babies. They look like such wonderful boys, with open and friendly faces.

  2. I have to admit, after my older son spent 3 years on an elementary-school-age baseball team (shounen yakyuu – him spending about 20 hours or more a week with his team, from April to October), I have a soft spot for yakyuu shounen.

  3. Baseball has been a big part of our life. Maybe you already know this, but my husband was a high school coach for 11 years. His team made it to the final twice, and to Koshien just a couple of months after he changed schools in order to spend more time with us. I know what a big deal Koshien is, and I want those boys from Tohoku to be able to go and play. I saw them setting off on TV today and it brought tears to my eyes.

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