Requiem for a Teacher

So right now, I’m thinking about the logistics of wheelchairs and a Japanese wake and/or funeral. I just got word that one of my daughter’s teachers has died. It was quite sudden –  a fall at the deaf school (maybe a stroke?), and then surgery, and then, apparently, complications. He wasn’t her homeroom teacher, but this year he was teaching her, and the other two fifth graders art and one or two other subjects. He was also a sub-homeroom teacher when my daughter was in first and second grade, so she’s spent a lot of time with him. We were expecting him to visit us during summer vacation. He was a very kind and patient man, always smiling, and quick to laugh. I will miss him.


2 thoughts on “Requiem for a Teacher

  1. so sorry to hear this. my son’s aides and teachers have seen his through the past 2.5 years, and now that he heads to middle school and a whole new team, we will miss them all a lot. but this is a true loss for your daughter and you. be well. you’re in my family’s thoughts.

  2. I think, generally speaking, kids with special needs bond more deeply with their teachers than other kids. The deaf school is very intimate. There are only three kids in the fifth grade (my daughter’s grade), and four or five teachers who work with them. It’s sad, and also a teachable moment, I think. I don’t know that my daughter really understands the concept of death.

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