Ski Trip Safety

My son is about to go on his first ever ski trip with  classmates. This an annual event at his school. Like most organized trips and events in Japan, this one has been heavily planned. As many are worried about the new flu, students are required to bring masks for each day of the trip AND a thermometer, so they can take their temperature every morning. They also have to fill out a check list every day, answering questions such as “Do you have a headache?” and “Have you had a bowel movement?” When I hooted about this, my son, of course, frowned at me and said, “It’s the health check.” (He’s very rule-oriented.)

Some other rules for this trip: No mufflers or scarves are allowed because, well, they might cause choking. And although last year the kids were invited to bring a book to read on the long bus ride, this year reading material is prohibited because of potential motion sickness.

Is it just me, or is this all a bit extreme? Never mind that people are often injured while skiing.

At any rate, we got our first snow of the season here yesterday, so it looks like the slopes will be ready for my son and his friends.


4 thoughts on “Ski Trip Safety

  1. Ha, yes, I’m surprised that they’re taking them skiing, given all that worry…will they all be requierd to stay on the bunny slopes and/or enter ski school??

    And that stuff about the book is ridiculous! Let the kids make their own decisions.

  2. None of it makes sense. They will have ski trips–because it’s on the schedule and that’s what they do–until hell freezes over, but will continue to make new rules that will never ever take the danger of skiing into consideration.

  3. Extreme indeed. I went to a parenting lecture this week and the speaker was talking about how much we watch our kids. For example, how many parents back in the day sat and watched every piece of homework they did. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for interaction. Her point was just that kids have NO space to manage themselves. This kind of seems like an example of that, although I guess they are taking their own temperature. Good news is, I’m sure he’ll have a wonderful time.

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