Okinawa on Wheels

Hibiscuses are now in bloom all over the islands.

As an affordable alternative to Hawaii, we spent Christmas in Okinawa. The weather was warm the first two days, which was a welcome change from Tokushima, where it was only one degree centigrade when we left. The architecture, flora and fauna of Okinawa are quite different from the rest of Japan, so it was sort of like being in a foreign country (the Rykyu Kingdom!). Along the sides of the road we saw lots of sugar cane, banana trees, and tropical flowers.  We also spotted a lot of shisa – the ubiquitous lion/dog, protector of Okinawan homes.

Due to the thousands of air force personnel at Kadena, there is a lot of American influence on the islands. We dined a couple of times at A & W, a chain known for its root beer, which reminded me of my childhood home town. We also tried taco rice, which originated in Okinawa about twenty years ago, but is clearly an adaption of American-style Mexican food.

Happily, just about every place we visited had wheelchair access, including an old castle, Shurijo.


We also made the acquaintance of several snakes. Okinawa’s indigenous serpent, the habu, is very poisonous. We saw several in captivity including a pink snake that Lilia thought was cute.

Lilia and Sakura, the pink habu

 As for the rest of the snakes, she didn’t want to have anything to do with them. The python, for your information, was very heavy!!

I was born in the Year of the Snake.


6 thoughts on “Okinawa on Wheels

  1. I never thought Okinawa was so tropical. It looks beautiful. Don’t know about those snakes, however. I was born in the year of the dragon. Does that mean I’d have to pet one in Japan?

  2. My son currently lives in Okinawa & I have visited there several time. It is a truly unique & beautiful area of the world. Very special!!

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