Guardian of the Neighborhood

This afternoon when I was home alone, the doorbell rang. I rushed downstairs, thinking it was the delivery guy with my Amazon shipment, but found a police officer instead. I twenty-one years of living in Japan, this was the first time that a cop has come to my door. I thought at first that something had happened in the neighborhood, but he said he was just making the rounds, keeping track of people. He had a book with all our names and birthdays. And he wanted to know my mother-in-law’s new address and who to call in an emergency. He wanted to know where my husband works and what schools my kids go to. He didn’t ask me where I work, presumably because he thought I was a housewife. Why else would I be home in the middle of the afternoon? But I didn’t mind not telling him. I didn’t really want to divulge all of that other information either, but I did. I suggested he come back in the evening when my husband would be here, but he said an evening visit would be rude. I guess that’s why the farmers are always coming around at 7:30AM.

He reminded me to lock the door when I go out in case of robbers, and also not to leave our bicycles in front of the train station.

On the one hand, it’s nice to know someone is looking out for us. On the other, it’s a little creepy. Big Brother is watching!


6 thoughts on “Guardian of the Neighborhood

  1. that is creepy. i’m glad my neighborhood is a safe one and that the local fire dept is right around the corner. although when the sirens go by rather loudly, i may not feel exactly the same way.

  2. We’ve have police officers come by. I think sometimes it is just a check, and sometimes it is because sometimes something bad has happened in the neighborhood and they are investigating.
    I sort of assumed it happened everywhere in Japan, but I guess not!

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  4. When I told my husband about the visit, he thought it was odd, and insisted it must have been a fake o-mawari-san and that I shouldn’t have given him any information. I think that he was legit, though.

  5. I twenty-one years of living in Japan, this was the first time that a cop has come to my door.

    ATOMIC TYPO! You meant to type “In 21 years of living in Japan…” — above, your brain said IN and your mind said IN and your fingers meant to type IN but all that came out was “I”. From the southernmost prefecture of Taiwan-ken, I send you greetings, fellow scribbler….

    Danny, proofreader to the stars~!

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