Farewell, Sheila

Two of my favorite cookbooks are Sheila Lukins’ U.S.A. Cookbook and All Around The World Cookbook. Sometimes I leaf through them just for fun. Although Lukins’ lists of ingredients are typically very  long, the results are always yummy. Thanks to Sheila, my family has enjoyed Mu Shu Chicken Burritos, Berta’s Carrot Cake Caribe (truly fabulous), Tiny Potato Croquettes with Orange-Rosemary Mayonnaise (standard Christmas Eve fare chez moi), Spiced Carrot Pie and Grilled Fish with Mango Maui Barbecue Sauce. Not only were her recipes challenging and enticing, but her marginal notes (anecdotes about local fairs, international customs, and travel adventures, etc.) made for entertaining reading.

There will be no more cookbooks, but the meals will live on.

From Publisher’s Weekly:

“Sheila Lukins, co-author of The Silver Palate Cookbook and The New Basics Cookbook, and author Celebrate!, Ten and other cookbooks, died yesterday. The cause was brain cancer, diagnosed three months ago. Lukins was 66.”


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