Sue Silverman

Growing up in Grand Haven, Michigan, I never met anyone who was a writer. Getting published seemed like an unattainable dream. Maybe for this reason, whenever I come across a writer from Grand Haven, I am quick to pounce on their work. When I read in Poets & Writers that a woman named Sue Silverman who lived in Grand Haven had won an award for her memoir, I immediately ordered it. The book, Because I Remember Terror, Father, I Remember You, turned out to be a beautifully written account of sexual abuse. Reading this book, I was impressed by Silverman’s honesty, and her example gave me the courage to write personal essays about painful subjects myself.

Silverman has just written a new book on writing, and as part of her on-line book tour, I will post her thoughts on redemption through writing here on Thursday. If you have any questions for her after reading her essay, please feel free to post and she will answer them.


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