Does that Include Cleaning the Toilet?

The Japanese Diet has just passed some bills which will tighten control on foreigners in Japan. Among other things, “the bills grant the justice minister the power to cancel a spouse visa from those who have failed to conduct for six months without a legitimate reason ‘activities that spouses normally do’.”


6 thoughts on “Does that Include Cleaning the Toilet?

  1. I have permanent residency too but on some days I would LOVE to be deported. Maybe then we could get away from the kids who call my son a “half person” and go live in multi-culti Hawaii.

    But seriously, what do spouses “normally do” in Japan? I know a lot of couples who are “legitimately” married who don’t even live together. I know of another couple (now divorced) who never consummated their marriage, and I’m always reading in the newspaper about how Japanese couples don’t have sex. Also, typically, Japanese couples don’t socialize together. So what’s left?

  2. This legislation is vague, open to all sorts of interpretation and is certainly a little concerning to say the least. It also concerned me that with all these international marriages and cultures involved the legislation can generalize marriages and spousal relationships in those five general words “activities that spouses normally do”. Normally do where? In Japan, in the foreign spouses home country? What a spouse may normally do in say Yemen, may not be the same as what a spouse from Brazil may normally do! Thanks for sharing this…

  3. but foreign wives aren’t even considered spouses… aren’t we still put down as “other” on the family registry?

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