Cookies Against Domestic Violence

If you wander down to the train station, you can usually pick up some goodies.  Often, there is someone handing out tissues to publicize a new restaurant or hair salon. Once, activists were handing out free fans to promote awareness of Hansen’s disease (which used to be called leprosy). Sometimes you can get a red feather if you donate money for…something – I forget.  Today there were some grandmas and grandpas distributing cookies embossed with a picture of a woman with arms crossed.  I’d never gotten cookies before.  Intrigued, I had a look at the accompanying flyer and saw that the campaign in progress was against domestic violence.  Well, good for them.  That’s a cause I definitely support.  And good for them for coming up with such a memorable ploy.  It clearly worked because I’m still thinking about it!


One thought on “Cookies Against Domestic Violence

  1. Yes what a good idea.
    The silence around this topic is cracking, I have personally spoken to three women in the past year who have openly told me they fled an abusive husband.

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