A Winning Weekend

I spent most of the weekend in Tokyo attending and participating in writerly events. On Friday, I made my way to the Tokyo Women’s Plaza for the monthly event of SCBWI. I was awarded a plaque for my Magazine Merit Award for Fiction. and then listened to a presentation by literary agent Laura Rennert. I got to sit by Laura at dinner, too, and hear all about the film premier of the movie made of her husband’s novel. (That would be Rain Fall by Barry Eisler.)

Yesterday was the lauch party for Call Me Okaasan, sponsored by SWET. Shortly before leaving for the event, I learned that the book was named the winner in both the Parenting/Family and Anthology categories of the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards AND that my novel Losing Kei was a finalist in the multicultural fiction category.

I thought that the event went quite well, by the way, especially since a little over a week before, no one had signed up for the dinner. I was a bit a panicked, but we wound up with a respectable number of attentive guests.  Leza Lowitz, Angela Turzynski-Azimi and Holly Thompson read from and discussed their contributions to the book, and then we had bentos (elaborate boxed dinners).  A big thanks to Kathy and any other readers of this blog who made the effort to show up!!

Also thanks to Jennifer for her lovely post on Call Me Okaasan which you can read here.


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