One More Day of Gold

Today is the last day of Golden Week. Before the break, I asked my students about the origin of the name of this string of holidays, and nobody knew.  I guess time is money, or time is golden. Something like that.

We sent our boy to YMCA Nature Camp, where he canoed out to a deserted island and went beachcombing.

We took Lilia to an Indigo Socks baseball game at a stadium surrounded by greenery.  Her brother had gone to a game before and gotten a signed baseball, so Lilia, being a little envious, was obsessed with getting a signed ball herself.  She wasn’t all that interested in the baseball per se. She mostly drew pictures and took photos with the digital camera.  We sat in the press box (thanks to my husband’s baseball connections) with a couple of Latin American pitchers who spoke a bit of English. One was from the Dominican Republic, and I couldn’t help thinking that southern Tokushima was about as far away from DR as one could get – and pretty far from the Major League, where these guys most want to play. 

After the game, my husband tried to give Lilia the signed ball from a WBC game that I bought for him on EBay a few years ago. Lilia was not one to be fooled, however. She didn’t care about Ichiro’s scribble, or Oh’s. She knew her dad was trying to pull one over on her. So he went back into the stadium and sought out the closer, who was once the ace pitcher on the high school team he coached. Takeharu-san came out to the car and signed a ball in Lilia’s presence, and then she was finally satisfied.

Later, my husband asked her whom she liked better – Takeharu-san or Sakura Sho (her favorite teen idol).  Lilia signed “Takeharu.”


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