Call Me Okaasan – the Blog Tour

The little darlings are on spring break at the moment, so I haven’t been blogging much here.  My task is to keep them away from the video games and get fresh air into the lungs!  Not as easy as you might think!

Nevertheless, with the publication of Call Me Okaasan only one month and one day away, it’s time to organize Call Me Okaasan: The Blog Tour.  During the month of May, I will be posting interviews with the contributors, recipes, excerpts and other book-related items.  I will also be posting links to reviews.  If you are interested in reviewing Call Me Okaasan on your blog, I’d be happy to hook you up with an electronic advanced reading copy and I’ll pencil (key?) you into the blog tour schedule.  You may approach the tour in any way you like, i.e. with a review, with personal musings upon one or more essays, with an interview with me or another contributor, etc.  Once I have a new stash of print copies, I’ll send you one which you may keep for your personal collection or give away to the readers of your blog.

Please send inquiries to sue kamata (at) msn (dot) com.



6 thoughts on “Call Me Okaasan – the Blog Tour

  1. I’m interested! You know who I really am, in real life right? (think AFWJ, we met at the Kagoshima convention I think) Anyway, I’d love to review/reflect on an essay from Call Me Okaasan on my blog!

  2. I am interested too. Not sure how eloquent my review would be but I would love to help promote the book.

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