My son’s school uniform consists of a blazer, shorts, white shirt, neck-tie, hat and shoes.  When he gets to school, he changes into a T-shirt with the school logo, shorts, and a sweatshirt.  A couple of his shirts are stained with ink because every time he does calligraphy, his clothes get splattered.  The kids don’t wear smocks, and the ink doesn’t come out, but we can’t afford to buy him a new T-shirt every time he gets an ink stain. 

This morning we were in a mad rush to get him off to school because he had a performance.  He was starring as the donkey in the third grade production of  “The Bremen Town Musicians. ” I figured he had some kind of costume.  Also, he was wearing a brown, faux-pony skin vest that we dug out of the closet.  While he was watching the other classes’ performances, I assumed he’d be wearing the T-shirt, shorts and sweat shirt ensemble.

I couldn’t find a T-shirt in his drawer or in the laundry basket.  I fished one out of the washing machine (I wash clothes at night when it’s cheaper and hang them in the morning), but it had ink stains all over the front.  Oh, well, I thought.  No one will see it.  He’ll be wearing his sweatshirt since it’s the middle of the winter and very cold.

So at the start of the performance, my son came onstage.  He was wearing the vest, but it was open, and underneath, to my horror, he was wearing the ink-stained T-shirt for all to see.  Argh!!!

I’m doing laundry right now!!


One thought on “Ink

  1. oh that ink!!!!

    it took my daughter a little while to learn not to wear her cute pink/light stuff to calligraphy class and instead to wear her dark stuff.

    the funny thing is, my jr high 1 son has PINK on one of his white t-shirt sleeves…. paint, I guess…

    when I was in school, we wore one of our dad’s work shirts (backwards) to keep our clothes clean…

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