Diversity Makes Us Curious

There’s an interview with me at Kabiliana, a site devoted to multicultural children’s books.

Check out the other interviews while you’re there!


4 thoughts on “Diversity Makes Us Curious

  1. aha. we seem to have a lot in common… i came to japan in 1987… my husband is a high school teacher and coaches the karate club….he is very concerned about our kids and study time. he has elaborate schedules and creates homework for them and they respond very well to his expectations…

    interesting to read all about you!!!!

  2. Thanks for a thoughtful interview, Suzanne. Diversity does breed curiosity. One of my sons just asked why a friend at preschool always says “donkey.” And now he has learned the Afrikaans word for thank-you: dankie.

  3. Yes, I’d like to coin a new phrase – “education papa.”

    It was my pleasure, Valentina. I only wish I could read Italian. Your books look so interesting!!

    That’s funny, Katherine.

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