Winter Blues

Now I know why my son hates going to the ear/nose/throat specialist.

I’ve had a very bad cold since the 20th of December.  Last week, it turned into a middle ear infection.  I thought only toddlers got those, but clearly, adults do too.  My son has had ear infections for weeks now, so we’ve been going to the doctor together.  Three out of four people (four out of five, if you want to count my mother-in-law) in our family were hearing-impaired at the same time.  There was a lot of yelling, and “What?  What?” going on. 

So, anyway, the doctor pierced my eardrum in order to drain the fluid.  He said that it would take about two weeks for the hole to close – enough time to get all the fluid out and dry out my middle ear.  But he was wrong!  Two days later, he had to re-open the hole – this time without anesthesizing my inner ear, and dang, did it hurt!  When my son had to have the same procedure, I completely understood why tears started oozing from his eyes.

He’s doing fine, now.  He said that everything is noisy – the flushing of the toilet, the turning of pages in a book, my voice.  It makes me think that his ears have been infected for months, not weeks.  At any rate, I’m happy that I no longer have to yell at him to turn the TV down.  And I’m happy that he hasn’t suffered permanent damage.


One thought on “Winter Blues

  1. Awwww, I hate what they do here with no anaesthetic – poor kid! There is absolutely no reason for them to suffer at the hands of the doctors like this, it makes me so mad!

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