Winter “Vacation”

We are now well into winter vacation.  I believe that my kids were looking forward to two and a half weeks of slovenliness, but Daddy made a schedule for them.   The schedule includes three study sessions per day (up to four hours), a slot of end-of-the-year cleaning, and an hour or two of play time.  I think it’s a bit much, but then again, I am from that country that always lags behind in math and science performance and general child development.  I suppose this is what it takes.

Yesterday evening, I lobbied for Monopoly, thus getting my kids (and me!) out of their third study session of the day and also a seven p.m. cleaning session.  It was husband’s first time to play Monopoly.  Predictably, he won.  We were so into the game that the kids were an hour and a half late getting to bed.


6 thoughts on “Winter “Vacation”

  1. Do they have any local versions of Monopoly? Meaning, the regular game based on a Japanese city instead of NY? I think I may have seen something like that for Madrid once. We have been playing Uno, but the rules I have always played by and the ones Santi has always played by don’t exactly match up in some cases which has lead to some heated discussion!

    Poor kids– what a vacation! Though I think we are going to institute some periods of reading and reinforcing skills as well.

  2. I think I saw something like that at the mall, but I got Disney Pixar Monopoly for my kids for Christmas. They can relate more to the Incredibles and Nimo than to real estate. I ordered it from, and all of the instructions turned out to be in Japanese. It’s a fairly complicated game, and I can’t read Japanese much beyond a second grade level, so we had to have Yoshi play with us the first time.

    There’s some math involved, which is good for the kids, and also a bit of reading.

    I’d planned to have Lilia read a book a day to me, but with all of the other homework there’s hardly time. At least she tries to read the cards in the Monopoly game.

  3. Christmas Holidays were really awaited also here, first for waiting for Santa Claus (Babbo Natale here in Italy) then for a softer study schedule. Anyway it’s good to be daily confident with study… maybe not so muh as you say. I leave my girls sleep an hour more at morning then play, walk and then after lunch do their homeworks and then writing letters to their friends and doing some artcrafts… (now they are very engaged in doing flowers using crepe paper) and of course reading. Before holiday we went to the Public LIbrary (even if they recieved books for Christmas I like then to attend the library and choose their own books) and brought home 5 books each…. In the evenings , since they are born we stay in the family bed reading stories and due to the Kabiliana project I have also many english books that I receive for reviews or interviews so I also translate for them many stories and the girls loved your Playing with Papa…
    We too play UNO (didn’t know that was also in Japan).
    I believe I would never be able to be a mother in Japan and I admire you for that… our rythms and time are so Meditearranean that Japan looks for me like another planet! Fascinating somehow but too far from my African Life experience and our Mediterranean softness.
    Best wishes to you and your lovely family. I’ll be back to you soon for the interview.

  4. We have a bilingual monopoly set! But we rarely play it as it takes so flipping long (what with all the cheating that goes on)> Might get the Uno set out this afternoon, though, you’ve inspired me! Re: homework, my DH plans to get DS1 to do it all on the last day of the holidays. I think I will have to leave the house to avoid the screaming and shouting that is bound to ensue.

    All the best for 2009!

  5. My daughter, who has been doing homework since she was about three, hates homework, so we have screaming every day!

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