The Lover

The last two months have been pure craziness – a whirlwind of speeches, writing workshops, readings, and extra classes.  I had to revise an essay for an anthology, and also I was busy putting the finishing touches on my next book, another anthology, this one on mothering across cultures.  For the most part, my family has been patient with me, but although the kids adore the punk babysitter and their aunt and cousins, sleeping away from home no longer has the same thrill.  Housework has been sorely neglected, and I still haven’t gotten to the bottom of the pile o’ laundry.  Last weekend I was in Nagoya to present at a writer’s conference, and the day before yesterday I gave a speech in Japanese about mothering my deaf daughter  (actually, it was a translation of my essay in It’s a Girl!).  At any rate, I’m pretty tired and am looking forward to taking it easy for awhile and then getting back to my new novel.  Meanwhile, my mother-in-law thinks that I am having an affair.


3 thoughts on “The Lover

  1. I think that, if my MIL thought I was having an affair, I might be flattered that she could think me attractive enough to catch the interest of another man!

  2. The last line had me burst into laughter… 🙂 All this busy-ness can be exhausting, but I also find it exhilarating, and strangely, I get so much more done when I’m in the midst of it all, compared to the rest of the time. Of course, it shouldn’t last too long. Just long enough to get a big breath, recharge those batteries, and do it all over again…

  3. Ah, this is a wonderful post. Exciting stuff you’re doing — teaching, speaking, and writing a novel. And, giving your mother in law something to stew over! Congrats all around.

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