Win a Free Book!!

Ho ho ho!  In the spirit of the season, I’ll be giving away a book a week up until Christmas.  This week’s giveaway is Playing for Papa, my brand new picture book, with illustrations by Yuka Hamano.

To read more about it, check out my publisher’s website.

If you’d like to win a free copy, leave your name here by December 12.


12 thoughts on “Win a Free Book!!

  1. Me too! Although since Illahee actually has kids if we are the only two that enter please give it to her!!!!

    When do you think it will come out in English or Japanese?!

  2. Noted, Lulu, although I think it’s fine for adults to buy and read picture books for themselves! I often buy books “for my kids” just because I want to read them.

    The book was published in English/Spanish. I hope one day it’ll be published in Japanese. I’m going to work on that…

  3. Just a note to say I have my copy (from our conference) and I really enjoyed it, Suzanne. A nice story, and great illustrations to go along with it. I’ll be bringing it to Canada to give to my God son. Well done!


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