Reading in Madrid

By the way, if you happen to be in Madrid on Saturday, December 13, check out the reading of Playing for Papa at the Libreria  Oriental.  British author Gwyneth Box will be reading the book in English, and my publisher Lucia Moreno will be reading it in Spanish.

More details:

Want to spend a great Saturday afternoon?

Meet Jio, a Japanese boy, in our story time.


Join us on Saturday, December 23th at Librería Oriental,

for stories, games and prices.


We will read Playing for Papa by Suzanne Kamata

in English and Spanish.

Both reading will be done by natives.


Jio lives in Japan. His father is Japanese and his mother is American. He loves to play baseball, specially with his papa, who coaches a baseball team. This year, Papa’s team has made it to the national finals. Jio wants Papa’s team to win but, what if they lose?


Come have fun with us.

Do not miss it!


Librería Oriental is dedicated to the East, from Turkey to Japan.

It’s in C/ Mira el sol 14, 28005 Madrid
Phone: 91 528 67 26

Getting there:
– By Metro: Lavapiés, Puerta de Toledo o Embajadores
– By bus: 


The reading will start at 5 :30 pm. Entry is free.



8 thoughts on “Reading in Madrid

  1. Oops, me again. What time does the reading start? I can’t find any info about it on the bookstore website. Also, will they be reading any other books or doing any other activities at the same time?

  2. Sounds like a very nice book.

    I’m depressed to hear of the doctor’s lack of diagnosis re your MIL especially when I read of the purse and china incidents, etc. I think the doctors here would be a lot more helpful, supportive, and informative. Mental health issues are a huge void in the Japanese system. I’m reminded of a junior high student I taught who had SEVERE psychological issues and her homeroom teacher who just smiled and said, yes, wasn’t she ‘otonashii.’

    • I’m kind of depressed, too. Apparently the welfare system provides assistance to those with physical conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, but not for mental afflictions. Though I could be wrong…

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