No Problem!

So my mother-in-law went to the doctor the other day with my sister-in-law and was tested for Alzheimer’s.  And guess what?  She passed.  She got 27 of 30 questions correct, which indicates that she doesn’t have Alzheimer’s Disease.  When I asked my husband about the check-up, he said, “No problem!”

His theory is that we have driven her into a paranoid state by complaining about the laundry and distribution of snacks to the grandchildren just before dinner.  (And for the record, I haven’t mentioned either in months.)


I was doing some non-scientific research on the Internet last night.  While perusing an entry about paranoid schizophrenia, I read that delusions are not considered abnormal in some societies.  Maybe Japan is one of them.


3 thoughts on “No Problem!

  1. oh wow.

    well, i hope the next thing isn’t your MIL going out and forgetting where she lives. *sigh* is this something that needs to be done every year or six months? do you think she would go?

  2. Unreal….I was so hoping you’d have a diagnosis so that she could get some help. Now you just need to live with it…sigh….

  3. She may not have Alzheimer’s per se, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have some aspect of dementia. I’m not sure if criteria for diagnosis in Japan are the same as they are here, but I can’t believe they didn’t find anything amiss. Geez.

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