Joe the Writer

This is just wrong, somehow.  I know so many hard-working writers who don’t have book deals yet, but have something important to say.  And I can’t believe people will be rushing out to buy this book (which will be ghost-written, no doubt).


3 thoughts on “Joe the Writer

  1. “The book is being co-written with little-known novelist, Thomas Tabback.” And maybe the book will bolster the sales of Tabback’s only published novel. So in that way, this one does not bother me as much as Monica Lewinsky’s book… or celebrity books, like Paris Hilton’s… or did you know that Adrienne Barbeau co-wrote a vampire novel? Or what of all of William Shatner’s novels…? Or Blair Underwood’s Tennyson Hardwick novel…
    Celebrity cash ins. yuk.
    I agree. There’s would-be novelist out there who are unknown and unpublished and a constant march of drek by the publishing world, an assault on the creative spirit.
    Now, I’m in a bad mood… 😉

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