It’s Like This

The day before yesterday she misplaced her purse.  Believing it stolen, she called the police.  Later, she found it locked in a cabinet in her house.

Earlier today, she told me that while in America people may just take what they want from others, here, it is not done.  She believed that I was stealing her best dishes and that an acquaintance was coming on a motorbike in the middle of the night to take the dishes away.

“Where would that person take them to?” I asked her.

“That’s just it,” she said, equally baffled.  “I don’t know.”

Next week she will be visiting her doctor.


3 thoughts on “It’s Like This

  1. Good luck. Maybe you all are in for a difficult conversation.

    On a happier note, I ordered “Playing for Papa” from my local bookstore. It will probably take a month, she said. They had on display “Bubbles” and “Where’s My Butterfly?”

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