Multi-culti Japan

So according to today’s Japan Times, the Liberal Democratic Party is having thoughts about making dual citizenship legal in Japan.  (At present, kids with dual status are supposed to choose one or the other when they are twenty-two.)  However, there’s no big rush:

“The panel will scrutinize the proposal, but there is no time limit to formalize it as ‘this is not something that needs to be done anytime soon,’ he said.”

Also interesting was the proposal that those who do not declare their dual nationalities should be punished, possibly by having their Japanese nationality stripped away.  A bit harsh, no?

Read the article here.


4 thoughts on “Multi-culti Japan

  1. Wow that is excessively harsh… so what does that mean? Those who do not declare dual status will only have citizenship in the other country of their parents?
    How can a country choose to “unnaturalize” its citizens?

  2. Yes, I saw this article. I had the feeling the ‘real’ agenda of the bill though (as you’ve alluded to) was to put a system in place to make sure that people would not slip through the cracks and be allowed to carry on with dual nationality.

  3. Also there was some concern that the Nobel Prize winners included two Japanese-born men who were naturalized US citizens. All of a sudden they wanted to be able to claim these two as their own–even though they weren’t anymore!

    It is also interesting to note that when I went down to city hall with my daughter so she could claim her Japanese-ness, we were asked if we had proof that she actually did have another citizenship. We had conveniently left her other passport at home, so they took my alien registration as proof. Sheesh.

  4. Interesting to read Deborah’s comment about the Nobel Prize winners. That sounds like a VERY plausible explanation for this whole thing to me.

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