Playing for Papa!

I’ve been sort of low key about this, not wanting to detract from my novel and anthology, but now I’m ready to announce the publication of my first picture book, Playing for Papa, by Topka Books in Spain – a multicultural story for our new multicultural age.  The book is in both English and Spanish, and was illustrated by Yuka Hamano of Japan, who has authored several of her own books, and illustrated books by literary luminary Ryu Murakami. 

Order now, and your copies will arrive in time for Christmas!!

4 thoughts on “Playing for Papa!

  1. Awesome news! I will definitely be ordering a copy. I also posted about the book and the publisher on the general posting area of my online university– it’s for teachers and includes elementary, English, special ed, and speech and hearing specialists, so hopefully some of them will buy!

  2. Thanks, Kate! All of Topka’s books are bilingual and most feature disabled kids. I think their books would be of great interest to the teachers you mentioned.

  3. Good luck with Playing for Papa, gaijinmama. I’m sure it’s a lovely book.

    Speaking of books that feature disabled kids, have you ever read Jean Little’s books? I loved them when I was a kid and have just read the second volume in her autobiography, ‘Stars Come Out Within.’ You might enjoy it as it deals with both the trials of becoming/being a writer and disability issues (her sight went from very poor to almost nothing).

    As for the breastfeeding incident, as my daughter would say, ‘yuck, grossology.’ But, on the other hand, why not? I don’t think I would do it — it’s such an intimate act — but if someone else did, well, whatever. (Easy to say that though when it’s a hypothetical!) Did you ever see the movie The Hand that Rocks the Cradle? The nanny was nursing the baby (unbeknownst to the mother) — VERY creepy.

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