Party of One

This morning I had a class in Tokushima City , and this afternoon there was an open class at Lilia’s school, but I came home to track election results.  Tears came into my eyes.  I was thrilled and relieved and proud to be an American.  I wanted to whoop and holler, but there was no one to celebrate with.  Most of the people I know around here are either Australian or Canadian – or Japanese, of course.

Nevertheless, I cooked a special dinner and bought a bottle of champagne.

Viva Obama!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Party of One

  1. Yes, I really missed not having anyone around to celebrate with–and also the anticlimacticness, if that invented word could be applied to this extraordinary situation, that comes with having to find out the results upon waking in the morning, instead of getting to track them as they come in. But I’m sitting here wearing my Obama T-shirt, having my own little party of one!

  2. I’m an American living in The Hague Netherlands, I went to a “who’s the president” event where Americans were far outnumbered by the Dutch, who were happy with the results. I work in a multi-national organisation and even the French complimented me on my stars-and-stripes scarf!

  3. Hi Suzanne – Got a chance to read a little of your blog today. I wish I had been there to celebrate with you. Joe, Isabel and I have been so happy since the election. We had thought about going to DC for the inauguration but the crowds seem too overwhelming. I think I will take the day off though so I can watch it on T.V. It just keeps getting better with Obama’s cabinet picks and I am finally proud to be American again. I am anxiously awaiting January 20th.

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