Last summer I read Opa Nobody by Sonya Huber.  There’s a scene in the book where Huber’s German grandfather, Heina. becomes so exasperated with his mother that he nails shut the door that connects his family’s quarters with his mother’s. 

I thought of that today as my husband was pounding nails.  For months now, my mother-in-law has been accusing us of messing with her stuff (or if not us, some stranger who is possibly entering her rooms via our quarters).  Someone has taken her keys…and then put them back.  Someone has put spoiled food in her refrigerator…in her own dishes.   Someone has stolen the shampoo she kept under the sink.  And so on.

As a desperate measure, my husband has nailed the doors connecting our rooms shut.  She can no longer come freely into our house, and we can’t get into her house unless we go to her front door.  The thing is, I know that it won’t make much of a difference.


5 thoughts on “Nails

  1. wow, your poor MIL. i mean with the memory loss, not the nailing of the doors. is this the onset of dementia/alzheimer’s? has she been diagnosed? or is she being stubborn about it? (sorry, i can’t remember if you wrote about it before.)

  2. She hasn’t been diagnosed yet, but there is definitely something going on in her head – dementia or Alzheimer’s.

  3. As always, sorry to hear about this. Glad to hear your husband is engaged, and it’s not just you dealing with it. I agree with illahee. It’s time your husband convinced his sister to “let” you all get some help for her. My logo in life: (We do the best we can in all things, but we) ALWAYS take the option of getting help if it is available. It took my m-i-l a while, but she now embraces the social services that be.

  4. He’s working on it. He spoke to my mother-in-law’s doctor and asked him to administer some tests next time she visits.

  5. Hi Suzanne, yes, reading your post, I definitely thought, isn’t she suffering from either dementia or Alzheimer? That’s hard. Bon courage, as we say in French (don’t find a satisfactory English translation for that one).

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