Desperate Measures

Yesterday I took Lilia to the dentist for a check up. 

“Is she still sucking her thumb?” he asked.

“Um, yeah.”  I confessed that I wasn’t sure what to do about it, and that I was concerned about her overbite.

He proceeded to whip out an “appliance”.  It was pretty – sort of like a piece of handmade jewelery with curly metal bits.  Lilia loved it.  She started signing that she loved it and when I explained what it was for, she indicated that she wants to stop sucking her thumb.

“How long would she have to wear it for?”  I asked.

“About two years,” he said.  “But braces would take about three years.”

Then he handed me the payment schedule.  Turns out an appliance to get Lilia to stop sucking her thumb costs about the same as a year of private school.

That evening, I decided to try the yucky-tasting stuff I bought to get her to stop sucking her thumb.  I painted it on her thumbs just before bed.

True to form, soon after her head hit the pillow, Lilia stuck her thumb in her mouth.  UGH!!!  She hated the taste.  For some reason, she can’t out of bed by herself in the morning, but she got herself to the sink, washed her hands, and rinsed her mouth with water. 


I wish there was a patch.


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