Jet Lag and CP

Of all of us in this family, my daughter Lilia has had the hardest time with jet lag.  She is always the last to get back to normal sleeping patterns after a trip around half the world.  True to form, Jio managed to stay up till about 7Pm last night and slept till morning, after having returned to Japan from the U.S. the day before.   Lilia, however, fell asleep around 1PM and awoke at 11Pm.

I’ve always thought that this had something to do with one of her disabilities, but I wasn’t quite sure what.  Last night, after only three hours of sleep in 24 hours, I did an Internet search and discovered that children with cerebral palsy and ADHD (both neurological disorders) often have trouble sleeping.  It makes sense.  The pineal gland, which secretes melatonin, is in the brain, and my daughter’s brain is injured so it’s likely that the pineal gland is not always functioning so well in her case.  I also read that melatonin has been used to treat children with cerebral palsy who have a hard time sleeping.

This is probably something that most mothers of children with cerebral palsy already know about, but it was a revelation to me.


One thought on “Jet Lag and CP

  1. Welcome back, Suzanne. I’m just recovering from my own jet lag. Jet lag is the bane of my existence, so this was very interesting to read. Once when I took an infant and a three-year-old to the US, the infant refused to get on schedule for weeks. Coming back was hard, too. I have read that children in general have something in their brains that makes it easier for them to adjust, and that whatever it is decreases as we become adults. But I also wonder how much normal activity has to do with it. Children tend to be running around constantly during the daylight, and I wonder if children with less activity (and babies who sleep whenever they’re sleepy no matter what time zone) might have more difficulty adjusting.

    I tried melatonin once for myself with negligible results. Why can’t we all just live in the same time zone??? Good luck getting everything and everyone straightened out. So glad you had a good summer. Wasn’t it fun being there for the conventions? My opinion hasn’t changed, with or without VP candidates. I’m going BB all the way…

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