Evan David Kamida 2000-2008

Yesterday I was deeply saddened to learn of the sudden death of Vicki Forman’s son Evan Kamida.  Like many others, I got to know Evan through his mother’s essays – first on sites like Philosophical Mother and Literary Mama (which has set up a memorial fund in honor of Evan) and later through Vicki’s blog and column.  Her essay, “Coming to Samsara,” about Evan’s premature birth is the opening selection in Love You to Pieces and still moves me after many readings.

Although the lives of individuals with special needs often go unsung, and these people tend to hover on  the margins,  Vicki made sure that didn’t happen with Evan.  When pubishers shied away from her writings about mothering a multiply disabled boy, Vicki persisted in getting herself  – and her son – heard.  In doing so, she has shown us the beauty and value of Evan’s life. 

I am grateful to have Vicki as a friend, and I am grateful for the gains she has made on behalf of mothers of disabled children and the children themselves.  My thoughts are prayers are with Vicki and her family.


2 thoughts on “Evan David Kamida 2000-2008

  1. Dear Suzanne, thank you for mentioning this here. That opening piece in Love You to Pieces was a powerful piece of writing. My sister lost twins in a very similar situation. I was so far away from her at the time, and it was more than 18 years ago–when children that small had no chance of survival. In fact it was so traumatic that we have spoken of it very little over the years. But Vicki’s piece took me to her side–giving me an insight into what it must have been like for my sister on that day when everything started and ended for her. I know Vicki’s situation was different, and I certainly don’t have the courage to re-read the piece in memory of Evan, but I’m hoping for peace and healing for VIcki and her family. And thank you for including her story in your book so that more of us shared in their lives.

  2. Hi, i just came over from creativecontruction.com, where i was reading some older posts. I recently purchased love you to pieces (my 2nd son has asperger’s syndrome), but haven’t read it yet. i will now and think of vicki’s family as i do. thank you for posting the sad news.

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