Beyond Dora

Lately, Lilia has been unwinding after school by watching a Mexican soap opera.  I didn’t even know that we had access to Mexican soap operas until Lilia tuned in.  And I’m not altogether sure that it’s Mexican.  Today there was a scene at the airport in Miami.  Everyone speaks Spanish, and I’ve heard of Mexican soap operas, so I just assume that’s what it is.  Anyhow, I think Lilia likes it because the action on screen is so melodramatic.  She doesn’t understand the conversations, and neither do I, but she can get the gist from the crying and kissing and grand gestures.


3 thoughts on “Beyond Dora

  1. One of my favorite things about our new house is that our new tv set up lets me have access to telenovelas (soaps, in Spanish). I’m already hooked on one, though it doesn’t sound like the one you described. Sadly, I don’t even find them melodramatic (as my husband commented, “ooh, so this is a CULTURAL thing, it ISN’T just you”! 🙂

  2. I has this flash of insight when Lilia once looked to me in the dist of the telenovela for interpretation. I realized that she doesn’t know that there are more than two languages in the world. She knows about Japanese and English, but no one has ever told her about Spanish or any of the other languages spoken aorund the globe. I’m going to try to teach her a bit about that.

  3. Ah TV! My younger daughter went through a real “TV period” in her life. Her father and I were totally overwhelmed with our elder daughter and her problems, but I got glimpses of my baby (aged 10-11), night after night, watching much more TV than we had ever allowed her to. That’s not what reminded me of Lilia–you know they always say TV is geared to 12-year-olds? Ha! As soon as the baby turned 13, she stopped watching TV. She did enjoy cable, though, and learned lots of English from “Friends.” All the words we didn’t teach her at home. Maybe Lilia will learn some Spanish, and she probably is at exactly the target age for the melodrama! (Having said all that, my 24-year-old is a big Cartoon Network fan. It doesn’t bother my husband, so I’ve decided that is a cultural thing…)

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