On the Bright Side…

Okay, so I’m starting to get used to Lilia’s gamine look.  People have even been paying her compliments.  When I took her to the therapy center two days ago, the therapists and other staff members exclaimed, “Cute!” and “This hairstyle suits her!”  I couldn’t resist telling everyone that she cut it herself.  Her occupational therapist praised her use of scissors.  After all, she managed to give herself a haircut without stabbing herself. 

Although he still crawls in bed with us at night, my son is showing signs of independence as well.  This morning when I dragged myself out of bed and down the stairs to the coffee maker, I found him fully dressed in his school uniform frying up a pan of bacon!  Fortunately, he didn’t burn the house down, or the bacon, but I think if he’s going to be doing these things without supervision I’d better give him some instruction and set some rules.

2 thoughts on “On the Bright Side…

  1. Yeah, I bet she looks cute! The short, choppy look is in…

    This is off-topic, but I’m visiting my parents in Kansas and walked into the public library here, and your new book, Losing Kei, was prominently featured on the New Arrivals shelf. Brought a smile to my face, just wanted to tell you.

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