Boys will be Boys

For nine years I’ve been shrieking, “No toy guns!” and vetoing every attempted purchase of said items.  You’d think it might have had some effect.  But no.

Today we went to a nearby strip mall (yes, they have those in Japan, too) because the kids wanted to get out of the house and had a little money to burn.  We looked at pets for awhile.  I was amazed to see chipmunks for sale.  They looked wild and totally hyper.  One of them kept falling off the exercise wheel, he was going so fast.

Lilia bought a chunky comic book full of sparkly-eyed girls with her money.  I told Jio that he should save up for Legos or whatever, and that he didn’t necessarily have to spend the money he got as a reward for getting 100 percent correct on his kanji test.  (Only the second 100 percent in two and a half years.)  But then, when we were just about to go home, he mentioned something that he wanted to buy.  An action figure, I thought.  I waited at the entrance with Lilia while he paid for it with his own money all by himself.  It wasn’t until we got into the car that I saw what it was – a toy gun.

It’s supposed to be a policeman’s revolver, and it came with a badge.  Okay, so better than a robber gun, I guess.  The funny thing is, he got a toy policeman’s kit for Christmas a couple years ago in the U.S.  It included a vest, a walkie-talkie, a badge, a bullhorn, handcuffs, and a pad of paper for writing tickets, but no gun.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Japanese policeman packing heat, but here, you get the gun.



5 thoughts on “Boys will be Boys

  1. Sofie and I also went shopping today – we played on the riding toys on the roof of Sogo and then looked at the animals in the pet shop. I was also surprised to see chipmunks!! We used to feed chipmunks out of our hands down at the ferry landing near where I grew up. They would even come if you didn’t have anything in your hand, since they were so used to people feeding them.
    There were also some brown bunnies that looked like Peter Rabbit-style wild bunnies, and a couple of smelly ferrets at the pet shop. And some really expensive dogs!!

  2. At four-years-old my son will pick up a stick and use it as a gun. He points his finger and says it’s a gun. He’ll take a carrot and say, “Bang, bang.” Our mouths just drop. We don’t have a TV. We watch only the videos we select. And we emphasize that it’s not okay to shoot people, or animals and that guns kill. Even at his 4-year check-up the doctor asked him to draw a picture. When she asked what it was he said, “People with guns.” Ah, proud moment for Mommy and Daddy! The doc smiled, said, “Ah…he must go to pre-school” and recommended a DVD from Netflix called “Raising Cain” that is about raising boys. She said her son, only 6 months older than ours, is exactly the same way about guns. Needless to say, the DVD is on our list.

  3. It’s a guy thing. He’ll get over it. I remember well my baby brother’s cowboy hat and holster, which he begged my parents to get him at about age 4. Within a few years he was a decided pacifist. My adult daughter, on the other hand, is still into manga and sparkly eyes. (Sigh) Go figure!

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