DIY Girl

There are many things that Lilia is capable of, but she can be also be very dependent and lazy and spoiled.  The Japanese have a word for this: amaeru.  In theory and practice, Lilia can crawl to the toilet, grab onto the bar on the wall, and do her business, but she almost always relies on me for transportation.

Yesterday morning she woke up very early.  I heard her calling for me, but I decided to stay put and see what would happen.  I heard her clamber out of bed, crawl to the toilet, and then crawl back to her room.  Then there was some thumping and banging, and then we heard her going downstairs.  Yoshi went to see what she was doing, and then he called me to come look.  She had changed her clothes and was standing against the sink, washing her face!  We were so proud of her.  I wanted to give her a trophy or something.  Sometimes I worry that Lilia will never be able to live independently, but on occasions like this one, I start to believe that it will happen. 



4 thoughts on “DIY Girl

  1. What a wonderful moment!! My daughter, who’s 3, also makes a huge fuss about walking anywhere (as opposed to being in a bike carrier or stroller). It’s truly Academy Award material, the ‘death throes’ that occur as she places one foot ahead of the other walking back from the park…

  2. It is truly one for the books! It’s moments like this that we have to savor later on when we need… something to savor. Really wonderful, and here’s hoping it leads to more steps in that direction.

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