We Are All Fine Here

In case you were wondering, my mother-in-law is all better now and back to hanging out my laundry as if nothing ever happened!


3 thoughts on “We Are All Fine Here

  1. Did you ever think you’d be thankful for the “laundry sign” :)? Glad to hear that things have settled down!

  2. It’ll happen again. Accusations of thievery are a major sign of dementia. Even my own mom has started to do this. Suzanne, if you haven’t already done this, call your local city hall and get yourself a “care manager.” Someone from city hall will come interview your m-i-l. and then she’ll get a rating. These people know what they are doing and there is a lot of help (financially, too) you can get. My first piece of advice is letting m-i-l know that someone from city hall is arriving for “a little chat”–about 30 minutes before it happens. My m-i-l totally prepped herself out of getting any help at all the first time. We had to try again the next year. Hang onto that list so you can show it to the person; you’ve got to manage to get time alone with this person. Sending m-i-l off to find something or walking the city-hall person to her car is always a good way to get some time, and they are pretty good about listening to family concerns. Don’t wait for your husband to move–I have done all work related to m-i-l singlehandedly; hubbie is just starting to figure out that he also needs to be involved. The second time m-i-l was evaluated, I visited the dr and everyone and begged on bended knee. Pride completely thrown to the wind, but it worked, and m-i-l’s life has also improved substantially; not to mention we are now “in the system.”

  3. That’s the great irony – only when she is mad at me, does she stop doing the things that drive me crazy.

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