The End of Innocence

I don’t know what your PTA meetings are like, but mine are so bor-i-n-g.  Yesterday, at the all-day Deaf School PTA extravaganza, the parents were given a twelve page hand-out of budget expenditures, and schedules for this year and last, and then a teacher proceeded to read every last word.  Transparency is great, but do we really need to have all this stuff read to us?

Later, there was a meeting of parents (well, mothers) of just the elementary school students.  One of the key points mentioned was the problem of fushinsha (creepy men).  Apparently, there have been some incidences in the news lately, so we were advised not to let our daughters wear provocative clothing.  Okay, there is one nine-year-old girl who wears short skirts, and on occasion my eight-year old has worn tank tops.  Is that provocative?  Shall we just throw chadors over them right now?


3 thoughts on “The End of Innocence

  1. I’m sure if the 8-year-olds weren’t such hussies the men would behave themselves perfectly. In Korea, they are called Burberry Men, the flashers in trenchcoats who hang around schools and molest girls who wear those provocative school uniforms.

  2. Gee, the PTA meetings at my son’s school are really interesting. (pause to get your reaction) Yeah, right!!! As if!!! They are the anality of Japan in a nutshell — so much attention to the little details (the amount it cost in 2007 to buy pencils) and none to the bigger issues that you might hope a PTA would be concerned about (school uniforms (aka the idiocy of having to wear bum-high shorts in January to school), school hours, curriculum content, parent involvement in anything other than parking lot duty on school visit days, etc.) I went to last year’s meeting and boycotted this one; once in six years is more than sufficient.

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