Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

That would be me.

The day before yesterday, my mother-in-law handed my husband a letter along with an extensive list of things that she believes I have stolen from her.  The list included various handbags and pieces of clothing, a diamond necklace, an umbrella, and her late husband’s pajamas.  I may have a few pieces of her Tupperware in my kitchen that I forgot to give back, but after seeing the movie “Blood Diamond,” I’d be more inclined to go for cubic zirconica.  And what in the world would I do with my father-in-law’s pajamas?!

I’m inclined to believe that she is suffering from dementia, but her daughter, my sister-in-law says that “it’s her character.”  When I agreed to move in with her three years ago (imagine a gun to my head), I thought she would probably harp about my housekeeping skills, or lack thereof, and the way I raise my children.  I really had no idea it would come to this.


6 thoughts on “Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

  1. Wow, that is shocking. Very disturbing. The possibility of dementia was my first thought, too. Especially because she wrote them down on a list. I sure hope your husband can get to the bottom of it.

  2. Your post has brought me out of lurkdom to tell you that I know just how you feel.
    The same thing happened with my FIL, he said I’d stolen over 1 million yen of his and although *I* knew I hadn’t done it (and of course the family all did too), it made me feel so bad. It turned out that he had ‘misplaced’ the cash in an empty box with loads of old shopping bags on top. Even though that was about 7 years ago, I still can’t forget it (or if I’m honest, totally forgive him either). In my FIL’s case it was the onset of dementia so I’m inclined to think you MIL may be starting to show signs – either that or she is an evil old @*@@!

    Hope you get it all sorted out and can ‘forget’ about it.

    ps At least you can laugh at the fact that she thought you’d stolen the pajamas too!

  3. I also immediately thought dementia and can imagine many Japanese people saying things like ‘it’s her character’ rather than point to a medical cause.

  4. Or, if it’s anything like the USA, a med imbalance…. as it seems pharma companies like using patients as test subjects instead of paying for stage 3 trials or the like…. my father is on Ariceit (spelling?) for early Alzheimers’…. possibly…. as many drugs are used for various other reasons other than the common one originally designated thru testing… He was given some drug a few days before that was obviously bad for him in conjunction with his other meds… and this interaction is so common these days, especially when the patients, doctors and media have been ‘trained’ to follow the pharma industry propaganda. In the end, it’s up to the individual and their caregivers to keep watch for themselves… as it seems so many doctors just follow along unconsciously like their patients… until some ‘misfortune’ gets in their way and trys to ‘wake’ them up. Maybe this is a good early warning sign?

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