Blue Monday

This morning didn’t go so well.

Lilia showed up at the breakfast table with some sort of neck pain.  Maybe she slept on it wrong, or maybe  she pulled a  muscle.  Or maybe she injured it yesterday when I accidentally turned over the wheelchair with her in it.  See, she likes it when I hold her hand and pull her along, but I pulled too hard  and accidentally yanked her over sideways.  In front of witnesses!  Who did nothing to help, but said, “Abunai, na!” loudly to each other.  She was surprised, but uninjured, I think.  I was still hanging on to her when she went over.  I broke her fall a bit.

ANYWAY.  Lilia signed that she needed ice for her neck and that she couldn’t go to school.  *sigh*  Last week, Tuesday, it was her foot.  My blood pressure immediately went up as I knew there would be struggle involved.  I frantically tried to come up with a bribe.  Money!  Toys!  A trip to the video store!  I reminded her that today she would have art class, which she generally likes.  I attempted to sign that I would be arrested if she didn’t go to school.  (Probably not, but it was worth a try.”

I spent ten minutes trying to wrestle her out of her pajamas.  Meanwhile, she was trying to kick and bite me.  Finally, for whatever reason, she gave in. 

We were late for school, but her teachers were in a meeting or something and didn’t notice.

Apparently Helen Keller was willful and badly behaved until Anne Sullivan came along. I must read up on how she worked her miracle.



5 thoughts on “Blue Monday

  1. My daughter used to come up with a fever that lasted about an hour. I finally realized she took her temperature sitting in front of the heater. Eventually, the rule was 37.3. Anything under was not sick. Truth to tell, I do not know what I would do if I had that whole thing to do over. Let her stay home, but refuse to do anything other than feed her? I don’t know. But she obviously has something on her mind.

    Oh and yes, Monday was ALWAYS bad. My two daughters and husband could get their Monday morning on the roll as early as Sunday night. Hell on toast.

  2. The “Abunai na” comment would have put me over the edge! Kudos to you for not slapping the witnesses. Once, while at an outdoor mall in Seattle, I was trying to put an umbrella over my son’s stroller. Granted, I wasn’t doing it very well — leaning from the back over the front, the umbrella waiving all about, but a passerby said to the woman he was with, “Well, that kid’s gonna lose an eye.” I turned and said to him, “Well we sure hope NOT! I was embarrassed to be caught in such a reckless moment, but I was irritated, too. Hang in there!

  3. Deborah, I’m impressed by your daughter’s ingenuity. How old was she when she figured that out?

    My own daughter seems to have genuine, but minor, physical complaints on some of the these days when she doesn’t want to go to school. She also has a weird enthusiasm for doctors and hospitals. She’d happily avoid school and visit a doctor with a paper cut!

    And Liz, it seems that the world is full of parenting “experts,” doesn’t it. I guess there is some comfort in knowing that it’s not just a Japanese thing and that I am not the only one who makes mistakes.

  4. Yes, from what I remember reading, Helen Keller was like a wild animal. You might indeed find some solace (and maybe some good hints!) reading The Miracle Worker.

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