Acknowledgements for Love You to Pieces

For some reason, this didn’t make it into the book, so I’m posting it here:

It takes a village to get a book into the world.  I’d like to thank the following villagers who helped bring this one into being:  the 24 writers who contributed their work, my wonderful editor Christine Cipriani, Cristina Rodriguez and all of the other good people at Beacon Press, my agent Caron Knauer, and Tracy Slater.  Thanks also to the Borsum, Maegawa and Kamata families, and to all of the teachers and therapists who work with my daughter Lilia.  Without their support, I would have had neither the time nor the heart to put together this collection.  Finally, thanks to the parents and the children who inspired these stories, to all of the families with stories yet to tell, and you, the reader of this book.   


One thought on “Acknowledgements for Love You to Pieces

  1. Okay, that’s ME! The reader of this book! Thanks for the thanks! (And sorry about the missed acknowledgements page. There are so many details that go into a book…people have no idea!)

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