Independence Days

Homegirl wants her own room.

If we were in the States, she’d probably already have it by now, but she’s been sharing a bunk bed with her brother for the past five years.  It’s more economical that way, as it’s expensive to heat two or three rooms at night in the winter and cool them in the summer.  Also, Jio gets lonely.  Up till now, we’ve been asking him periodically if he wants his own room, and he’s been saying no.  But Lilia has started to rebel.  Last week she decided that the room between our part of the house and my m-i-l’s part will be hers.  It was originally conceived of as a play room, but right now it’s more of a book and storage room.  Anyhow, she made a sign  – Lilia’s Room !  – and posted it and had a fit when we wouldn’t let her sleep there at night.

So I guess it’s about time to take the bunk bed apart and get the girl set up.  She needs her own wall for all of the Sakurai Sho posters she’s been collecting. 

2 thoughts on “Independence Days

  1. I love that. She has such determination. And I’m totally intrigued by how different the kids are from each other. Go Lilia!

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