Boy Crazy

My daughter has developed a crush on a teen idol named Sakurai Sho.  I don’t know much about him, except that he is in a boy band managed by Johnny’s, and he is one of those indiscriminate pretty boys with messy hair.  His picture is now pasted to Lilia’s homework folder and on our refrigerator door.

Help!  My little girl is only eight!  I think I was eleven or twelve when I fell in puppy love with Shaun Cassidy.

Lilia learned his name after being told only once.  Now she fingerspells it throughout the day.  I’m thinking her thing for young men might serve her well at school.  The third year teacher at the deaf school is young and handsome.  Maybe she’ll work harder for a pretty face. 


3 thoughts on “Boy Crazy

  1. That’s adorable! When I was 9 years old we got carpet in our house for the first time and my parents allowed me to pick the color. I chose a purple/lavender shag carpet because purple was Donny Osmond’s favorrite color and I was crushing on him so hide I could barely breathe most of the time. I had the posters dutifully torn from Tiger Beat and 16 magazines, the notebooks, everything. I had a diary in which I waxed ridiculous about my undying love for Donny.
    Of course it was quite a few years later than that that I even got a first date. Ha! Oh, to be the mother of a little girl!


  2. lol, i learned about Sho’s group ARASHI after seeing one of the members in the movie “Letters from Iwo Jima”. She has good taste:) she’s not so young, I was 8 or 9 when my older cousins introduced new Kids on The Block to my world…

  3. At least Sakurai Sho is smart! I mean he’s graduated from economics from Keio University which is number 3 in the whole of Japan, a really prestigious place with connections with UCLA and stuff.

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