How to Feel Special

Holly Golightly went to Tiffany’s, but when I want to feel special, I go to the Sogo Department Store just when it opens.  Today I had some extra time before my sign language class, so I strolled over to Sogo, arriving as the little dancing dolls came out of the “It’s a Small World” clock.  Then I went inside.  All of the employees were lined up, ready to greet me.  As I walked by, they bowed and said “good morning.”

Once, I arrived at the store before it had opened.  There were chairs in the entryway for early birds like me.  And an employee of the store came out with a tray of tea and served us all.   

Can you imagine this happening at Macy’s?  I think not.


2 thoughts on “How to Feel Special

  1. Ha! I’m in California right now, and I went to Macy’s TODAY. The woman who rang me up, who was definitely a good deal younger than me, called me “Honey.” She called my mom “Honey.” Bet that wouldn’t happen to you at Sogo Department Store, eh? (I found the “Honey” highly irritating, but she was very nice once you got to know her which I feel I did within the 3 minutes it took to ring me up. At times like those I really feel like I’m in a foreign country.

  2. Most days at Macy’s it’s difficult to even FIND a sales associate much less find someone who will serve you tea while you wait until the store opens. Japan definitely has the edge on the US in terms of department stores

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