Domestic Disturbance

I’ve heard that most couples argue about money and sex.  Yoshi and I argue about whether or not the Japanese monarchy is an anachronism.

 Last night we watched “The Queen,” whcih depicts the British royals as being stoic and hung up on protocol.  “I’ll bet the Japanese royal family is exactly the same way,” I said. 

“It’s tradition,” Yoshi huffed.

“Yeah, but what do they do?  They don’t rule the country, they just go to ribbon cuttings and pick on Princess Masako.”

I find the culture argument very annoying. Sure, eating whale and having an emperor may be a part of the native culture, but the same can be said for cannibalism on some South Pacific islands.  Polygamy is a part of many cultures, as is female circumcision.  Does that make it okay?

And besides, China, Russia, France and Austria seem to be doing fine without their royals.

Then, of course, my husband said, “We have a long history.”

“Honey,” I replied, speaking on behalf of those aboard the Mayflower, “We had a king, too, and we decided we were better off without him.  That’s why we went to America.”


5 thoughts on “Domestic Disturbance

  1. I wish that royal boy who was born had been a girl! I was really cheering for Aiko-sama to be the future Emperor of Japan and the arguments against that happening were archaic if you ask me. I would have loved to have seen things shaken up a bit. By the way, I thought the argument with your husband was pretty funny. Did you win? 🙂

  2. With the post about your MIL going to Tokyo to clean the palace in mind, I’d have to say dissing the Japanese monarchy will get you nowhere with your husband’s family! 🙂

  3. Right. No one ever wins these arguments. My husband once got irritated when he saw that Lilia had posted a newspaper photo of Princess Masako on the refrigerator, but when pressed, he defends the royal family.

  4. let’s face it, unlike cannibalism and female circumcision, eating whales and having an imperial family do not hurt people’s basic lives. trying to spread democracy and shoving a western point of view is not an argument but a display of american ignorance. you raising your voice like this as if you’re from a better place in the world, opposing the views of the majority of the people in japan won’t get you kind remarks from the people in this country – but i guess that’s your culture.

  5. Whatever. To be honest, it’s fine with me if the Japanese have an imperial family. I really don’t care.

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