further evidence that my daughter is a genius

So today after school Lilia was rolling around on the playground with one of her classmates who was kicking a ball around.  He left the playground, but Lilia remained. I was standing on the sidelines, talking to her teacher about ways to help her remember words.  She was kind of going in circles, and I thought she might be stuck.  We went out to see what was up and she signed that she was making a picture of a face with her wheelchair tires.  She was working on squiggles for the hair.  I’ve seen her drawing in the dirt with a stick before, but this was the first time she’d tried to make art with her wheelchair.

“I’ll tell O-sensei (the art teacher),” Y.-sensei said.  We talked about how we could provide Lilia with paint and canvas and maybe a spare wheelchair just for her art!  Wheelchair art – why not?  The future is wide open before us. 


6 thoughts on “further evidence that my daughter is a genius

  1. Interesting how limitation provides the avenue for self-expression, as it forces us to find our essence hidden amidst the seeming chaos and free the soul chained up within. That classic symbol of the bird seeking freedom from the body’s cage. Each has their own path of doing so which is what each of us unique… like a snowflake.

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