Hair Cut

In Japan, the stereotypical occupation for the blind is shiatsu masseuse, whereas for the deaf it’s cutting hair.  Indeed, there is a vocational track at the local school for the blind for massage, and at the school for the deaf for aspiring barbers and beauticians.  So I guess it’s sort of appropriate that yesterday my deaf daughter gave herself a hair cut.

I was busily cooking supper, and she was across the room, crouched behind the kerosene heater.  When I went to get her for dinner, I saw hanks of hair strewn all over the floor.  She’d used children’s scissors – the very scissors she’d been using to cut construction paper minutes earlier.  I was in such shock that I couldn’t even muster anger.  I told her that next time, if she really wants a hair cut, she should tell us and we’ll take her to a professional.

She’s always signing that she wants to get a hair cut, even when her hair is fairly short.  I thought that she liked to go for the bag of snacks the barber gives out at the end, or for the racing car chair.  As it turns out, the bangs really were bothering her. 

3 thoughts on “Hair Cut

  1. Suzanne,

    I remember once years ago following a trail of cut hair to my two daughters hiding under the kitchen table because the one had cut the hair of the other, and decided Mom wasn’t going to be happy. It was more funny than anything.

    BUT! Suzanne! Your story sounds like any number of stories I could tell you about my daughter–with perfect hearing and everything else. Just a brain that’s wired a little funny. “Oh, so that’s what you meant!”

    Big hug to you both!


  2. And I freak out when my mom tried to get herself out of bed…
    It’s this stuff that I learn about kids that makes me amazed how you parents deal with such escapades.

  3. I knew it was the bangs! I saw her brush her bangs out of her eyes 500 times the night of the book signing and thought, “That girl might like getting her hair trimmed”

    We’re looking at trimming Cade’s hair for the first time. I’m a little skeptical since he doesn’t even like to get his diaper changed. He’ll think we’re attempting surgery if we come near him with scissors.

    I emailed you earlier. Hope things are going well. Loved the book.



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