Fantasy Fulfilled

Although I am not usually in the mood to cook, I love looking at cookbooks and I have something of a pot fetish.  I actually used to spend two hours or more duplicating meals from Saveur.  I remember a particularly delicious – and labor intensive – Chilean dish that involved chicken, beef and raisins.  But Yoshi was never all that enthusiastic about the results and, well, you know how kids are.

Nevertheless, I have been hankering for years for a Le Creuset pot.  I guess on some level I believe it’ll turn me into a slender French woman, as seen in the food ads of Elle, and that my sauces will turn out perfectly every time.  The one I bought was irresistibly on sale at nearly half price. It’s bright orange and very substantial.  I can’t wait to use it!


4 thoughts on “Fantasy Fulfilled

  1. My best friend Pamela got a La Creuset pot and now she thinks she’s got it all over on me. Congratulations on the purchase and the sense of fulfillment!!

  2. Ooh, Le Creuset, drool, drool… Must have one… That’s the only kind of shopping I REALLY enjoy — buying things for the kitchen!

  3. Well! My husband gave me some toshokens (bookstore gift certicates) so I bought Harumi Kurihara’s Japanese Home Cooking and proceeded to make her teriyaki burgers. You’re supposed to brown the burgers on the stove and then put them in the oven, which is a good idea because then the burgers get cooked all the way through without getting burnt. Until now, I would have had to change pots, but thanks to my Le Creuset, everything went smoothly. And it was very easy to clean afterwards. Viva La Creuset!

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